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  • Tour of Italy

    Tour of Italy Basket


    Experience Italy through the complete Tour of Italy! Our most popular basket is filled with Italian staples, assorted appetizers, and delicious desserts. The perfect gift to stock one’s pantry with classic Italian favorites.

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  • Taste of Italy

    Taste of Italy Basket


    A true taste of Italy! A wonderful assortment of Italian appetizers including meats, cheeses, Italian toasts and toppings.

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  • Antipasto

    Antipasto Basket


    An assortment of antipasto favorites: roasted red peppers, artichokes, olives, soppressata, and cheeses. Italian toast and breadsticks are also included to enjoy these appetizers.

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  • Classic Italian

    Classic Italian Basket


    A basket filled with the classic Italian favorites! San Marzano tomatoes, assorted pastas and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A perfect gift to help fill your recipients pantry.

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  • Pasta Collection

    Pasta Collection Basket


    Create delicious pasta dishes with our assortment of pasta cuts, sauces, and seasonings in our pasta collection basket. Simply add in your veggies and proteins for a true Italian pasta dish!

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  • Italian Sweets

    Italian Sweets Basket


    With traditional and modern Italian desserts, our dessert basket is just the one for those with a sweet tooth! From candies to cookies this assortment is perfect for indulging on or to use to make your perfect creation!

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  • Pizza Supreme

    Pizza Supreme Basket


    Have an unforgettable pie night with our Pizza Supreme Basket! With all the essentials included all that’s left is to add your favorite toppings and enjoy with your loved ones!

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  • Italian Snacks

    Italian Snacks Basket


    Our Italian snacks basket is the perfect appetizer kit for a last-minute gathering! Arranged with a dipping set, various dipping oils, and traditional cracker snack items for dipping.

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  • Italian Organic

    Italian Organic Basket


    Discover fresh, Italian ingredients packed with authentic flavors. Our organic basket creates a classic pasta dish for any occasion! And always add more of your own toppings!

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  • Coffee Collection

    Coffee Lovers Basket


    Enjoy the classic coffee gift basket, paired with various cookies and biscuits to dunk with or enjoy alongside your coffee beverage!

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  • Chocolate Lovers

    Chocolate Lovers Basket


    Indulge in everything chocolate with our Chocolate Lover’s Basket! From chocolates to cookies, these authentic desserts create a perfect gift for those with a real sweet tooth.

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  • Coffee Deluxe

    Coffee Deluxe Basket


    From start to finish, our Coffee Deluxe Basket will brew the perfect cup of espresso! Enjoy the traditional Italian coffee of choice along with classic candies and biscuits.

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