Pastas & Sauces

We cannot stress enough - cook pasta until it is al dente, firm to the teeth yet tender. Many cook pasta until it is too soft, a minute or two less of cooking time will give you authentic Italian pasta. Fresh pasta will take even less time to be cooked to perfection. Another key to perfect pasta is to use a large cooking pot and plenty of water; this will stop the pasta from sticking and will also ensure every inch of pasta will be cooked through. Don't forget to add plenty of salt to the cooking water before adding the pasta - good pasta almost never has salt in it so this is the only time it can be seasoned. When draining the pasta, remember to save about a cup of the water in the pot. This starchy water will add a little body to whatever sauce you choose. Never, ever rinse off the pasta after cooking unless you're making pasta salad.

When it comes to sauce, quality ingredients matter. Use the freshest and best quality ingredients you can when creating that perfect sauce. It is also important that you use high quality pasta cooked properly to ensure authentic flavor.

Ingredients matter, let us help you create a true taste of Italy!